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@ reinhardt. Hier ist das Review vom MOVALL Rock Highway Pedal bei MUSIC RADAR. Ich hoffe, Du kannst Englisch :mrgreen:

The Chinese-made Movall Rock Highway has more than one engine beating away under its hood. What we have there is three pedals in one, with independent overdrive, distortion and delay circuits, each wired to a trio of dedicated controlls and an on/off switch.
The whole thing is powered from a single nine-volt adaptor - not supplied - and there´s the bonus of an onboard effects loop that allows you to place other pedals between the overdrive/distortion and delay circuits. At just below 100 sheets it seems like a lot of spec for the money.
Maybe this muscle car is cutting a few corners...
Actually, all three effects sounds fantastic. The overdrive comes over like a classic Tube Screamer, transparent yet with a bit more grunt. The distortion is thick and warm, and not a million miles from the EVH´s Brown Sound, while the delay goes from slapback to canyon with vintage delivery. You can use the effects solo or together. What´s more, you can choose to run the overdrive into the distortion circuit or vice versa with the small OD/DIST switch. We prefer the former setup where the overdrive adds gain to the distorted tone without compromising clarity and note separation.

Wieder mal ein Beispiel dafür, um wieviel besser ein Home-englischsprachlicher Rezensent Sachen mit Worten knapp erklären kann.

Noch eine Anmerkung 100 sheets bedeutet 100 bucks also 100 English Pounds. Das entspricht dem damals 2017 von mir gezahlten Kaufpreis des Teils von 129 €.

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